What has been a dream for owner, Mat Grills has finally become a reality. He and is wife Tegan have opened an exciting, new, specialty coffee and health cafe in the heart of Bargara!

The specialty grade, direct/fair trade coffee is purchased from Sunshine Coast company Kai (you can read more about all the great things they do here), teas are from Chamellia Teas or if you need a cold healthy treat there is freshly made to order smoothies and Juice Fix beverages in the fridge and more. There is a variety of milks available for all tastes: Mooloo Full Cream and Trim Milk, Zymil for the lactose intolerant and plant based mylks - Soy, Almond and Coconut.  And if your hungry or in need of a snack there is an ever changing display of plant based treats that are made locally. Just pop in and have a look in the display cabinet.

There will be plenty of rad vibes, amazing brews and incredible food. So stop in for a take away or pull up a stool in this cool little lane way cafe.

A Little About Mat, the owner for those who don't know him....

Mat is an ultra trail runner (for those new to this world it's someone who runs over 50km at one time through bush/trail territory) who also has a passion for health and diet. He has been following a vegan lifestyle for many years now and is excited to share his world with his customers. He is one of the most positive, uplifting and encouraging people you will ever met.

When he started this cafe, to promote awareness of it and raise funds, he ran 320km from Bargara to Kai Coffee (on the Sunshine Coast) on his birthday, non stop. (It took 57hrs 30mins if you are interested!) So, if you happen to find yourself standing waiting for your brew, ask Mat about his journey as he will be more than happy to have a chat!

The Journey cafe located in the laneway at 13B Centre Point, 5 Bauer Street Bargara. QLD 4670.