3/7 - Wo!  The last week has been manic!  School holidays have come with a blast and a lot of activity in the shop!  First up, thanks to everyone who has come in, shared some laughs, bought a brew and left with some good vibes.  Good work people!  Much love!  We treasure everyone of you and love having you as a part of our day.

As some totally unrelated shop news, the new park has also opened at The Basin so come on down, grab a hot beverage and go down and check it out.  It is AMAZING!  As another random point, for anyone interested, every Wednesday afternoon, we go down there at about 3:30,3:45 and set up a couple of slackness, chat, laugh and enjoy the sunshine.  If your keen to come hang, you are more than welcome!

On a practical Journey front, after a short hiatus, our beloved turmeric lattes are back and we now have bumper stickers you can purchase to show your allegiance to The Journey family!  Pretty stoked to have these in stock!  Once it warms up a little, we will also have shirts made so keep a look out for those, they are gonna be SWEET!  Gotta keep the adventure rolling!

This last week has also seen the 1st of July roll around and our first 'financial year' as a business.  It has been incredibly humbling how supportive everyone has been and once again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  There has been a slight price increase on some products however we have also introduced a 20c discount on most drinks if you choose a plant based mylk option.  Meaning, soy, almond or coconut.  As a business (and individual) trying to promote a healthy lifestyle, environmental sustainability and kindness to all animals, we feel that this is a way to try and encourage y'all to try a non-dairy option and be rewarded for it.  We understand this isn't for everyone and have really appreciated your support in the minor shift in prices.  Thanks y'all for being amazing!

Well, that about wraps it up for this week.  Thank you to all the new subscribers.  If you can share the website and encourage others to subscribe that would be amazing!  Thanks again everyone, have a rad week and see you in the shop sooner rather than later.  Much love.  Mat