What up California!?

26/3 – When we started The Journey we hoped that we might have a positive impact on peoples lives….even in just a small way. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the reach the shop has had and the transformations we have seen in different customers and friends.

This was highlighted again this week through a text I received from Sean the owner of Kai Coffee. Sean is a tall solid dude and I believe had a reasonably chronic back complaint for a number of years now….I believe prompting his search for answers though lifestyle changes. Over the last six months, he has been prodding me with various health questions and in particular, about veganism and a plant based lifestyle. I have peppered him with encouragement, given him a few resources to look up and helped him along in the limited capacity I have been able to from afar. I don't think I have really done all that much to be honest! He has dutifully followed up on some of these resources, in particular watching the documentary What the Health and consuming The Rich Roll podcast like nobodies business.

I got a message from Sean this week randomly saying he had been vegan for two months now and lost an incredible 21pounds! That's over 10kg for those using the Australian system (Sean is American). What the heck?! I knew he was getting interested in the lifestyle but to have made that commitment and dropped that much weight in such a short time is incredible! I met up with him today at Kai Headquarters and he looks amazing! I’m so stoked and proud of you buddy! Rad work!

This is just one of many stories of friends who have made significant life changes either largely or marginally influenced through the shop. It just makes me so so amazingly happy! From people going vegan and losing a heap of weight, to people taking up running, adapting a more plant centered life, changing to non-dairy mylk and just generally having a more positive outlook on life and their individual situations. These are all inspiring stories!

Thanks for all being incredible and wow-ing the staff and myself every day. We love you all, cant wait to see you all make even further changes and chase your best most authentic self. You are all beautiful, big love and keep being awesome! Peace…