What a year!

2/1 - To say this year has been incredible, hectic, amazing,  tiring, stressful, full of laughter and tears, love, friendship, beauty and humility would be an understatement!  On Boxing Day we celebrated one year in business at The Journey.  In the lead up I was doing a fair amount of reflecting and I still can't believe we are where we are!  The work that has gone in, the physical shop that has been built, the relationships we have formed and the coffee we have made has been far far beyond my expectations.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever predicted we would be where we are now.  It truly has been a remarkable adventure.

So, what for 2018?!  Well, we will continue to provide quality brews, good times and a safe haven for our beautiful customers.  That wont change.  There is some other ideas swimming in my brain but they will be released as time goes on.  Personally, I know I need to find some more balance in 2018.  In an attempt to do this, from when school goes back, I will take Mondays off to spend with Tegan and every second Sunday so I can get a weekend day with the kids every fortnight.  Hopefully this will help create more synchronicity between home and work.  I am also back running regularly so this will also go a long way to providing a solid foundation for my year (injuries pending!)

I am super excited to see what this year will bring, who we might meet, what adventures may be had and how health may be improved.  I personally want to thank every single one of you for your support, kindness, love, compassion, friendship, interest and uniqueness.  You have been the reason The Journey is something special...more than just a coffee shop....a place people feel safe, loved, respected and honoured for who they are and how they fit into The Journey family.  We love every single one of you and can't wait to share 2018 with you all.  Much love friends!