What a week!

28/8 - Morning y'all!  Hope you are all doing super, full of love and gratitude for a new week ahead.  This week has been an increasingly busy one at the shop which is great.  Yesterday returned to the Sundays we know and love, with plenty of hustle, good times and Shanze nearly dying from lack of food!  Gold!

For those of you who still don't know, on Wednesday last week on my long ride, I was clipped by a car out near Gin Gin.  I was about 130k into a long haul when the truck hit me or my bike (not sure) with its mirror, I then fell down and my head hit the tyre of their trailer.  I then went for a skid before coming to a stop.  I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and had many a scan and test.  The final outcome was that I have my wrist in plaster for a week when I will get more x-rays, I have a small crack in a rib and also one of the vertebra in my neck.  I have some skin off and also a sore lower back and neck.  All in all, I am so so lucky to be alive, walking around and not a heck of a lot worse.  Thank you all for your love and kind words at the shop.  I hope to be fully back at it soon but taking each day as it comes.  I am blessed.

Anyway, on a side note, this week will see the start of September and Spring!  Crazy.  It will also see us kicking off our trial of opening later hours.  From this weekend, we will be opening until 4pm on weekends and everyday during school holidays.  All other times will remain 2pm close.  If supported well, we'll keep this going but initial responses sound promising!  Good fun!

So friends, don't take today for granted.  It is a special, wonderful and gifted day....embrace it, smile, hug some one and do something crazy and unexpected.  I love you all, peace and plants, Mat