What a week!

9/1 - Well, Christmas and New Years have come and gone and the period was HECTIC!  The shop was crazy busy, we met heaps of new friends and the brews were FLOWING!  Over the two and a half weeks from just before Christmas to just after the New Year, we had to order 105kg of coffee.....thats 1000 shots people!  Holy smokes!  I just want to take the time to thank each and every 0ne of you that came into the shop, were patient if we were under the pump and you had to wait and for continuing to support us!  The fun continues.

Last night was a super fun time too as I held my first ever coffee/barista course with new friend Ben.  His wife bought him the course as a birthday gift so we got to hang out, chat coffee and make some brews.  It was super fun and Ben was really keen to learn which made it all the better.  I am hoping to hold barista/coffee courses in the future so if any of you are keen, shoot us a message and let us know.  Well hook it up!

Other than that, things are ticking along nicely.  You will be seeing a new face in the shop soon too which is exciting.  A lovely young lady is coming to join the team so stand by for that.  I trust you all had a wonderful New Years and are ripping into 2018 with a vengeance.  Much love friends!  Peace, Mat