Weekend Fun

4/9 - Morning friends.  I hope y'all had a wonderful week/weekend and enjoyed the time with your dad (or father figures) yesterday on Fathers Day.  Mine was rather chaotic given the shop was crazy busy but I managed to sneak away for a little with the kids to the park, relax and enjoy the day.  I am blessed to have two beautiful, crazy, passionate, caring and loving girls, along with an incredibly inspiring, hard working, dedicated, best mate of a dad to share life with.  It was a good day.

This weekend also saw the start of our later closes/extended hours.  It was met with a pretty good reception and as previously mentioned, we will continue to persevere with in through September on weekends and on the school holidays.  Toward the end of the month, we will assess how it has worked and decide how well go forward.  So, if ya keen to see extended hours continue, make sure you pop in and hang out.  The vibe seemed much more relaxed and chilled which was really fun.  Thanks to everyone who came in and chilled.

I had a moment of perspective Saturday too.  A few friends have mentioned how we have really created a 'hub' at the shop.  This is constantly highlighted to me but one particular moment stood out.  There were about six of us in the shop and Suzie was telling a story.  We were all being rowdy, laughing till our bellies hurt and I commented how the situation was pretty special.  I can't think of a shop where customers and staff get along so well, share life, laugh/cry together and just have an amazing time in each others company.  These kinds of moments happen all the time and just lift my spirit.  Truly special.....thank you all for helping these special occasions in time happen.

Righto mates, I pray you all have a rad week filled with fun and adventure.  Were all looking forward to sharing the week with you and can't wait to hear of your wins.  Much love.  Mat