Friends, family and amigos!  Hope this blog finds you all well!  Not too much to report on this week apart from the usual ticking along of business, loving life and party time at The Journey.  This week saw school start back and I thought it may have been a little quiet...I was wrong!  It was a great week, with a constant flow of customers which we love!  Your all gems!  Even though school was back, it was a four day week with Australia Day on Friday.  It was super fun and busy as usual.  Thanks to everyone who supported us that day and came to enjoy a brew.

To keep y'all in the loop of what is going on in the shop too with myself....I have shifted my day off to Monday so Tegan and I can actually have a day off together!  What a novelty!  I am also trialing having every second Sunday off to spend with the kids since I didn't really have a weekend day off (apart from trips away) to spend with them all last year.  This weekend was the first time this has happened and it was nice but not sure if it will last?!  Well see how it goes!  I love being at the shop and its hard being in town and not working, but I also need some balance this year that I didn't have last year, so we'll see.  The brain is always ticking!

Apart from that friends, all is well.  We are loving this warm weather, some decent surf and good times.  Keep smiling, loving life and we'll see you in the shop soon.  Much love!