The Roll On..

19/2 - Whats up Journey people?!  Hope you are all well and exhausted from kicking some serious butt today!  Sometimes, things just roll on in the shop and there isn't any major developments to report on!  This week was one of those.  The temperatures kicked up and it was HOT (which I love) and we were treated to some beautiful weather, perfect for the beach and good times!  The weekend was busy which is always fun and with a surf lifesaving competition on, it brought a lot of new faces into the shop.  It was really nice to meet some interesting and cool people and serve them our deliciousness.

Other than that, not much to report on in the shop.  Something SUPER cool to announce though is that a new yoga studio has opened about 100metres from the shop!  Happiness Yoga is the love endeavour of Katie,  a friend of mine I met at Love Life, Live Yoga a number of years ago.  Katie and her team are super lovely and with a focus on hot yoga, it brings something super special to the area.  Tegs and I went to a lunchtime express class today which we loved!  If any of you want to go check it out, click on the above link or head over toward Casablanca and it is in the old physio building if you know where that is!  If not, just ask, we know!  Ha!  Tell them we sent you!

Well friends, I hope and pray you all had a beautiful weekend and can't wait to see your smiling faces through the week.  Keep being incredible, chasing your dreams and being your best self.  Much love.  Peace out.