The quiet chat..

5/2 - Good morning friends!  Thanks for being here and reading The Journey Blog!  This week has finally seen a little drop in business and the shop a little quieter.  Now, usually, an owner would be concerned with this but after getting pumped for the last two months, it has actually been nice chilling a little and getting some catch up done.

One of the many benefits to it being a little quieter is we get to chat to you more!  I personally LOVE it when the shop is cranking but it does make it hard to have those quality conversations and really get into it with you guys.  Anyone who knows me knows that I struggle with small talk.  So, when I get to have deep, meaningful conversations, I am stoked!  The beautiful thing about our shop is that there are so many people with so many different backgrounds that we all bring something new and interesting to the table.  We don't have to agree on everything of course and it is wonderful getting to hear different points of view, learning and growing together.

I just want to take the time to thank you for being you!  Without YOU and your individual style, flare and perspective, the shop wouldn't be what it is!  I was only talking to someone about this this week and the hairs on my arms literally stood on end!  It still gives me good chills!  I was talking about the atmosphere and vibe our customers have created in the shop and how I dreamt of that being a reality when we opened, but never would have visioned The Journey turning into the community it is today.  That is because of you!  Thank you for being a beautiful human, laughing, crying or just offering a smile on a daily basis.  Know that whatever our relationship is with you, you are special and we appreciate all that you are.  Thank you for being YOU!

Much love friends.  I hope and pray you have a ripper week, keep being rad and well see your smiling faces soon.  Peace and plants!  Mat