The girls!

6/6- So, anyone who has been in the shop the last few days would have noticed something strange.....I wasn't there!  The family and I took our first real break from the shop since opening and headed down to Yamba, NSW for my mums 60th Birthday.  It was a super nice time with beautiful weather, good family catchups and some nice adventures to boot!  Although we were only away for a few days, I really missed the shop and our beautiful customers so it is awesome to be back in action!

BUT....the kicker!  This all means that the shop was left in the capable hands of Tayla and the girls!  From all reports they looked after everyone well, had a rad time and even got a day in dressed up as 'Mat Grills'!  Oh, I tell you what, those girls are worth their weight in gold!  I am truly blessed to have them on my team!  Big thanks to Tayla, Shanze and Mel for taking care of business for me while I was gone.  Good times!

So, now we are back it is time to start ripping in again tomorrow.  I can not wait to get back in the store, yahooing, laughing and preparing delicious brews for all you lovely people!  You are all so special to my heart and I think of you all as family so I miss you all when I am gone!  Good times ahead for this week!

Lastly, the time away has given me some good opportunity for reflection and focus on some cool adventures for the shop going forward.  The back half of this year is going to be full of adventure and special moments I know it!  Thanks y'all for coming along for the ride and I can't wait to share it with you all!  Have a rad week friends!  Much love!  Mat