Stoking It..

19/6 - This week has been a pretty standard one as far as the shop goes.  We had our first few days of soup which was nice and people seemed to enjoy it which was cool!  Remember friends, every Thursday and Sunday this will be happening!  Get amongst it.  We also had our second beach clean up yesterday, along with a half hour of free yoga.  It was a really refreshing and relaxing time to be able to sit (after a big day at the shop), relax and then do something good for the community.  It is an honour to be able to make a difference in a small way.  Thanks to all the people who showed up, got bendy and then cleaned up the beautiful Innes Park beach and foreshore.  You are all amazing!  Thanks also to Shanze for organising it and Belinda of Radiate Yoga Coral Coast for her time.

On a personal note, it is hard to believe we are fast approaching our six month anniversary as a shop and our first 'end of financial year'.  The time has gone so quickly and I have learnt so much in that short space of time, I really feel blessed!  Thank you all for being part of The Journey (see what I did there!?) and making the experience something special.  Much love friends.  Have a beautiful week and see you in store soon!