Spoon, Fork, Knife

28/5 – What a classic! This weekend, Skye and I started a debate after she wanted to clean up the cutlery drawer at the shop.  That in turn, begun a conversation likely to make it to Parliament House…….in what order do you arrange your forks, knives and spoons in your drawer at home?!

Apart from being hilarious and a good bit of fun between the two of us, I decided to take the discussion to the people and obtain a general consensus.  I put a poll on our Facebook page and after only a day it had over 420 votes and a heap of comments!  What the heck!?  When I put it up, I thought it may have got 20 interested humans but it blew up!  And lets just say, the RIGHT answer, spoon, fork, knife……well, my team is not leading the race at this time!

The whole point of this nonsense is a reflection of what has been created at The Journey and within its community.  Yall a fun, eclectic, entertaining and rad bunch of people.  99.5% of people who associate themselves with the shop love a good laugh, are interesting cats and love a good (or in this case, useless) conversation.  I fully appreciate friends I can have a deep and meaningful with and also those who I can talk rot with and have pointless, entertaining conversation.  Bless your hearts!

‘I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is’ said Forrest Gump……and like him, I am a simple man and small things amuse my small mind!  HA!  Things like this just make me laugh and lets face it, laughter is the best medicine! Thanks to everyone for being good sports, putting up with my randomness and being able to enjoy the simple, ridiculous things in life as well as the serious.

Keep being cool peeps, check out your cutlery drawer and remember, spoon, fork, knife….RIGHT Skye?! Ha!  Bless friends!