Riding the Wave!

17/5 - Journey Men and Women!

Whats cracking?!  I hope and pray y'all had a rad week and it has been awesome seeing your beautiful faces in the shop.  It has been a wild ride thats for sure but hay, its all part of riding the wave, taking things as they come and doing our best not to freak out when the madness hits the fan....or something like that!

This week my beloved La Marzocco has been on the blink!  Long story short, our good old Bargara water has caused havoc already.  We have still been operating fine but getting things 100% rectified tomorrow thank goodness!  We are also getting our second grinder fixed up so we should be firing on all cylinders come the weekend!  What the heck!  I expected stuff to break down after a few years, not a few months but hay, first world problems right?!

This last weekend saw Mothers Day too which went awesome (so I am told!).  Much love to all you mums out there and thanks for sharing the special day with us!  This Sunday at 3pm we are meeting at The Basin for a Journey Family beach clean up!  If you are keen to join us, bring your cleaning kit, some bags, a few good Dad jokes and well see you there!

I trust this blog finds you all well and smiling.  We love you all and look forward to a ripper Friday and weekend pumping out brews!  Much love friends, keep chasing your journey and see you soon.  Mat