21/8 - In case you didn't notice, this weekend, Tegs and I weren't working in the shop, or around at all for a matter of fact!  We had a much needed weekend away with the kids on the Sunshine Coast, relaxing, running and eating good food.....all for research of course.  It was beautifully revitalising and recharging, but it is always good to be home.

Running a business, as we have found is a lot of work!  I wouldn't trade it for the world but it is hectic and can be all consuming.  Whilst I am well aware for a business to be successful, a lot of time needs to be invested, it is also incredibly important, for us anyway, to have balance between work, family and leisure.  Without this, burnout happens and the passion for what your doing will quickly fade.  I never want this to be the case with any endeavour we undertake.  Its not that we don't want to be in the shop and seeing y'all, cause we LOVE that, but it is a delicate balance keeping all the balls in the air and not dropping one, if you know what I mean!?  I want to put all I can into the shop when I am here but also be able to fill the cup and get my spirit filled in the time that I am away.

For those following me on social media, we went to the Sunny Coast and stayed in our good friends (Tim and Lisa) tents....glamping!  They own a business Pitch Luxury Camping and they set up a teepee in their back yard (which is Noosa National Park!) for us.  It was amazing!  If any of you are looking for an incredible experience anywhere you can imagine, give them a bell and tell them I sent you!  You wont be disappointed.  The things that really filled my soul though were some good quality, deep conversation with Tim and also a 20k trail run in Noosa National Park with my mate Jason on Sunday morning.  Running again, particularly on trail and in nature is where my spirit sails and I truly feel alive!  At one point I was running down a windy, sandy, single track, fast, just laughing uncontrollably!  It was beautiful and freeing.  I needed that run and I have missed those moments while I have been injured.

If any of you are feeling run down and in a rut, find something you love, take a couple of days off and GO DO IT!  You not only need it, you deserve it!  Everything will still be there when you get back but the personal time you take will give you that little bit more strength to tackle it with a little more vigor.  Recharge, refocus and re-energise your spirit.  Thanks to the girls for looking after the shop while we were away.  Im sure they looked after y'all and kept you smiling at The Journey.  Much love friends, truly much love.  Peace.  Mat