Really, a job?!

17/7 - Morning y'all!  What a ripper week it has been and a busy, super fun weekend.  We had it all, super customers, new friends, a power outage (yep, 90min!) and many many laughs!  Thanks for making it happen peeps!

Something that the staff and I often joke about and a question we often ask is 'when's the work start?!'  It is meant in good fun but basically, coming to The Journey, for all of us, doesn't feel like work.  It is a place we can come to be ourselves, hang out, laugh till it hurts, cry, share life and have the privilege of preparing lovely food and drinks for you in the process.  The girls hang out long past their rostered shifts, we spend time together outside of the shop and have all become close friends in the process.  It truly is a special environment.

When Tegan and I were starting the shop, this is something that we really wanted to strive for and create.  I had no idea how I would do that but the right people appeared and the relationships begun.  This truly is a unique experience and one that I personally treasure deeply.  I also believe that this is one of the main reasons customers keep returning.  The positive vibes, the accepting safe space and the uplifting we try and provide with every interaction.  When I say the secret ingredient in our coffee is love, Im not joking!  We have had customers share deep personal experiences, cry, laugh, grow, and become personal friends through a simple little place called The Journey.

Please know that none of us take this for granted.  We honour and respect you all, and each other.  Safety through companionship is so very important and we do our best every day to grow, learn and be better for you and each other.  You are special, we are special and our community is special.  The Journey to me is more than a shop.  It is a home, a council, a uplifter and a consoler.  You are all so wonderfully amazing and beautiful so thank you for being you.  Personally, to Tayla, Mel, Shanze, Kevi and Tegs, thanks for helping this dream become a reality, never stop being your individual, crazy selves and loving unconditionally.

Much love friends, good coffee, good vibes.  Mat