New Chef

10/4 – Friends! What is doing!? Happy Easter, school holidays and APRIL! I’m not quite sure where the year has gone but man it has flown by! As most of you know, I have been away on a massive adventure run (please see if your interested in reading about my ultra marathon attempt in Melbourne over the weekend) but it is good to be back, resting for a second before I get back to work.

Just before I went away, we made the decision to let our previous cook go. This left us in the wind and without a chef just before I was to leave the state. With school holidays beginning, I was nervous to say the least! We put the word out and amazingly got a response almost immediately from a guy named Dion who has the business Heart and Soul Gourmet Meals. He was super keen, one of the most lovely guys you would meet….but would his food stack up and go above and beyond what we originally have been providing?

After a number of conversations, he attended the shop and provided some samples for the girls to try. I am happy to say that everything he has provided to date has been incredible, presented super well and delicious! Additionally and most importantly, you, the customers seem stoked with the new stock. Dion has surly made this potentially stressful time much easier and smoother to deal with and we look forward to the partnership flourishing, growing and seeing y’all consuming delicious, healthy food in the future! Thanks again for everything you have done and how flexible you have been while I have been away Dion. I really appreciate it! Keep creating delicious tucker and being a rad guy!

Apart from these big changes, the shop has been super busy! School holidays are rocking, the girls are crushing and I just want to say a massive thankyou to all our staff, Tegs particularly, for stepping up while I was off gallivanting on the trails of Melbourne. You are all such a blessing and thankyou!

I hope this reaches you well crew! Can’t wait to catch up with you all when I’m back at work and hope your rocking this week! Big love. Sandy.