New and always progressing

23/4 - Hay guys!  Hope this finds you well and loving the start of another week!  Sorry I missed y'all over the weekend but for those who don't know, I was down on the Sunny Coast on a all vegan weekend!  I got tattooed (a vegan inspired one!), went to a new animal agriculture documentary screening called Dominion (which EVERYONE NEEDS to see) and then I had the opportunity to speak at the first ever Noosa Vegan Festival on the athlete panel.  Super rad!  I hear the shop was super busy and the girls looked after everyone well so that is always great to hear!

There's always something happening at the shop and its super exciting (and sometimes a little stressful!).  We have had a new girl in store on some trials named Skye (long amazing dreadlocks) and we are hoping she will be jumping on some shifts to become part of The Journey team.  We want you all to know and love The Journey staff well and love who is in store and whilst wer'e conscious of the problems having TOO many staff can create, we hope you enjoy getting to know the new team members, learning about their amazing lives in the process.  Skye is super cool so say g'day when she's there and admire her beautiful locks!  Oh, side point, she is also a yoga instructor and going to be doing some classes at Happiness Yoga across the road so check that out too.

Otherwise it was another great week and things have been humming nicely.  Dion the new chef is still doing an incredible job with the food and with a little fine tuning and selection of stock, it is all looking amazing!  A reminder to y'all also, Anzac Day is this Wednesday and we will once again be open for the Bargara Memorial Service.  We will open for trade at 4am and will serve until the start of the service.  We will then stop trading until the service finishes and then re-commence until 12noon.  We look forward to seeing you all on that special day.

Thank you all for your amazing support and continued friendship and love at the shop.  With some cooler weather coming (at some point!) we look forward to continuing to serve y'all, putting warm food and drinks in your bellies and continuing to facilitate the space for rad vibes to flow.  Big love and peace...Sandy.