More closing...

5/3 - This week saw the closing of Cafe Caprice at Wollies Bargara.  I was super sad to see this happen as I have become friends with owner John, particularly since we opened The Journey.  He, and the business will be sorely missed.  I just want to wish everyone who worked there all the best in whatever comes next in life.

This kind of got me thinking though...there is a lot of 'competition' for a small business in and around Bargara.  Additionally to this point, a hot topic of conversation this week has been the building of the new apartment/business precinct on the foreshore at Bargara.  To me, there is two ways you can look at these points....everyone is out to get each other, more businesses means the 'stealing' of customers and less turnover for the ones already in place.  OR, you can look at it in a way that there is plenty of room for everyone, we all have something unique and special to offer the community and new business/development means more people to the area, therefore more people requiring cafes etc to frequent.  A win win for everyone; everyone gets along and grows the area together.

I choose the later.  We need more infrastructure in the area.  Good commercial property in Bargara is hard to come by and I think the areas business precinct needs to grow.  People will ALWAYS be resistant to change/growth but I chose positivity.  I choose progress and as long as it isn't at the expense of our beautiful coastal town, I say bring it on.  We live in a beautiful place and believe it or not, people will want to come here and share our piece of paradise.  If we don't have the facilities to accomodate them, they wont come!  We can all work, live and thrive here together, welcome in new faces and expand our town as need be.  Lets be positive about these things beautiful people, work together and make this an even better place to live, not one filled with negativity and resistance.

Sorry this was a little more 'political' than The Journey today but I think its all related.  Our shop is, I believe, at the center of growth in Bargara and I believe can offer a unique perspective on this all.  I hope this has all made some sort of sense and we can all ride the wave of growth together in a positive way.  Much love friends.  Peace.