Little Troopers

18/9 - Morning y'all!  Welcome to the first official day of school holidays!  The weekend was nice and busy and given we will be closing at 4pm through the whole holiday period there is plenty of time for good fun to be had!  Its sure nice to have that little bit of extra time to relax, enjoy each others company and some quality brews.  It is always lovely meeting new people and holiday maker too, venturing to our beautiful coast side town to enjoy our piece of paradise!  Welcome friends.

This week has seen plenty of fun along the way and some wonderful initiative by my wild seven year old Pria.  Most of you would have read but for those who haven't, for some time now, Pria has wanted to hold a bake sale in an attempt to raise money for an animal rescue.  So, on Thursday we did it!  We cooked up some goodies and had others donated by amazing friends and family and set up shop at the new park at the Basin.  The sale was well supported by customers and friends and we were able to raise just over $350!  The cause we decided to donate to is Farm Animal Rescue in Dayborough Brisbane.  What an amazing effort by all, particularly little Pria.  I'm so proud of you darlin!  Well done and never lose your compassionate heart!

Thanks for always being behind the shop and our community ideas friends.  It really means the world and I know if we can make little changes here and there together we can create a more beautiful world for everyone.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  I hope and pray this finds you all well and that we can hang out together again soon.  Peace and plants.

Lastly......I just want to say a massive thanks to my sister for all the help she has given for this website and my own personal website The Tattoo Runner.  Your doing an amazing job sis and if anyone is looking for help in creating a website, let me know and Ill put you in touch.