Kindness Overflow..

12/2 - Morning friends, family and all round beautiful people!  Hope this finds you super awesome after having a rad weekend!  What a blessing it is to live in such a wonderful paradise!  Hope you enjoyed it!  The week in the shop has been fun as always with one MAJOR highlight!

On Wednesday, our friend and regular, Ben came into the shop and we were just talking like usual.  About half an hour later, I got a message from him saying that he wanted to do a 'pay it forward' type action at the shop and was thinking of paying for everyone's hot drinks for a four hour period!  First of all, I was blown away!  What an incredible gesture!  He then said that he wanted to advertise it so everyone could benefit from his kindness.  The social media word went out, the paper was contacted and the date was set for Friday!  FREE hot drinks for everyone!

The premise behind what Ben wanted to do was promote kindness, encouraging people to do something nice for someone else, no strings attached, with no expectation to get anything in return.  In the process, it would be fantastic advertising for his business Neilson and Co. Wealth Management and also our shop.  A win win for everyone!

I was a fair bit nervous for what might happen on the day, but it went AMAZING!  We served about 250 hot drinks in the four hours with I reckon about 98% of people waiting no less than 10min for their free drink.  Our staff worked wonderfully together, crushing brews and having a super time in the process as always!  Thank you to everyone who supported the initiative, thank you to Tegs, Mel and Ana for ripping in and working hard to get orders out quickly and efficiently.  Most importantly, thank you to BEN for having this incredible idea and including us in the project!   A wonderful blessing for all involved!

It never ceases to amaze me the kindness and generosity of the human spirit.  We all have that within us and if we give it a chance to flourish, the world and yourself will be better for it!  Give a little (or a lot) today and expect nothing in return.  Love un-conditionally, mow someones lawn, watch someones kids, take someone out for a coffee and give freely.  Its a beautiful thing and your day will be better for doing something special for someone else!  Big love friends.