Keep Truckin

Good morning friends.  Not a whole lot to report this week apart from the usual fun and antics being enjoyed in the shop.  The warm weather has returned (or not left) and it seems like every second day a customer (or five) are coming in telling us about whales playing straight out the front at Bargara.  We truly live in a magical place.  Enjoy it!

The other thing to mention/remind y'all about is that we are still experimenting with our extended trading hours.  For those who don't know we are now open till 4pm on the weekends and 4pm EVERY DAY in the school holidays.  That is only a week away so get ready for the madness!  Can not wait!

Thats about it for this week guys!  Hope your enjoying Spring, getting some sunshine and we look forward to seeing you in the shop this week.  Peace and love.  Mat