Just Cruisin..

19/3 – Hay friends! Hope y’all doing well and loving life. Sorry for my absence last week but my laptop has been in getting repaired and I had no way of getting the blog up! All good, give you a week off! Hope you didn't miss me too much!

Things in the shop have been fun as always and just ticking along. Some of you may have noticed that we have had another face in from time to time. Liana (friend of the shop) has been in doing work experience. She is an absolute gem and if you come across her, you wont miss her smiling face! She is learning the ropes and doing a ripper job so far that's for sure! Welcome to the fun Liana!

We have also started extending our range a little. We now have a product shelf (where our retail coffee is located, next to the display cabinet) where we will be getting some cool stuff you might be interested in checking out. In addition to our usual items there, we have got my favourite greens powder, hemp seeds and mushroom hot chocolate. YUM to all that! If you get a chance, check it all out and see what you think.

Other than that, all is good vibes as usual! Cruising along, loving life and crushing brews. Good times! With Easter coming up and school holidays, things will continue to ramp up and there will be plenty of visitors around; so feel free to say g’day to some new peeps and make them feel welcome. Much love y’all, thanks for being incredible and catch you soon! Big love and peace.