It's "bean" fun!

11/6 – What’s up party people!?  Hope all is well and y’all loving life!  Sorry for my absence last week but our family did a shot gun trip to Noosa to visit my sister who has recently moved up from Melbourne and for me to get my dreads done! Good times.  We were also able to grab some good food, climb Mt Coolum together and generally have a rad time.  Bless!

The shop has been a little quieter since the cooler weather moved in but we’re still ticking along. This weekend has seen some beautiful weather and things are picking up which is great.  Still plenty of laughs, good times and solid chats!

Last night was a real highlight for me, with the hosting of our first ever coffee appreciation/barista course.  We had five eager learners in the shop hanging out, eating, chatting and learning all things coffee.  They got to have a play with the grinders, aiming to create the perfect espresso and then froth some milk in an attempt to pour the perfect milky brew.  I’m not sure if any masterpieces were created; but a heck a lot of fun was had, new things learnt and plenty of coffee drunk. Thanks to Kate, Anthony and Lilly Rehbein, Sean and Jess for a ripper time.  Due to the popularity, we will be holding another course in mid July and potentially another one not long after if interest keeps coming in.  I get a real kick out of doing these kinds of things. Super fun.

Apart from that, all has been great.  Life is good, we are still juggling Ana being in Brazil and some staff being sick, but we are getting there.  This week will be another fun one that's for sure and we look forward to seeing you all in the shop.

As a final side note, one of our dear friends Hamish is moving to Northern Territory to help his son start a crossfit gym.  We love you heaps Hamish and will miss you dearly while your away!  Best of luck, get the humans moving and fit the way you love up there in the top end.  Much love brother.

Have a super week friends.  Sandy