Holidays Are Here!

2/7 – Morning friends! Hope your all doing well and lovin this cooler weather.  The last few days, things have been heating up at the shop and it seems pretty apparent that school holidays are upon us!  These weeks are often a challenge for working parents but also a super nice time having the kids around more.  Its also great in the shop as the buzz is awesome with visitors dropping in and everyone getting to meet new people.  Love it.

Tegs and I are going to be in the shop most of the time, with the kids loitering round, no doubt running wild.  We are also heading to Melbourne for a couple of days on our own which will be great as we haven’t had a weekend together for a long time!  The kids will be rolling with mum and dad, having their own adventures and no doubt getting spoilt.

We hope and pray you all have a super safe and blessed holiday period of your own.  Do something different, fun and adventurous….get wild!  Much love friends, have a super week and see you in the shop for a brew soon!