25/9 - Ohhhh I love holidays!  It is always a busy time in the shop which is great, but the thing I like most is meeting new people.  There is generally an endless supply of visitors with stories to tell and experiences to share.  The nice thing is that often there is time to chat, everyone is usually a little more relaxed and its super enjoyable hearing how much people enjoy Bargara and our wonderful hidden gem.

I truly feel blessed to live in Bargara.  It really is one of the most amazing and special locations on the coast of Australia and we should never take it for granted.  To have beautiful beaches, a cool vibe and a wonderful community of interesting, vibrant people is a unique combination.  I love sharing the passion  for where I live with these visitors and it gives me joy to reciprocate the excitement the exude.  Welcome to Bargara!

The first week of our extended hours has gone reasonably well and its great to see friends and new people come in, relax and enjoy the shop.  It has been nice to chill out, not be in a rush to close and share the good vibes.  This week NSW is also on holidays so there should be an added number of new cool peeps around.  If you see someone who looks new, say g'day, welcome them and send them to the shop.  Keen as a bean to meet y'all!

Anyway, just a quick one today friends.  Stoked with the week that has been and hope your second week of holidays is amazing.  Much love friends.  Mat