hmmm winter..

15/6 - Well, even though its not really winter in the big scheme of things, Bargara's version has arrived.  Although its not that cool at the moment, its cold enough for this little sun bunny!  The upside to all this though is that warm drinks, good vibes and hot food is always in order.....bringing me to the exciting news that we will be having soup, served with a fresh bread stick starting today.  We hope to have it up for grabs every Thursday and Sunday to keep all y'all bellies warm!  $5 is all it will cost you!  Mmmmmm.

Apart from that exciting news, things have been ticking along nicely and life is good in the shop.  We have another beach clean up this Sunday along with free yoga so that will be fun!  Check the flyer in store for details!  We are also fast approaching our six month anniversary which just boggles my mind!  That time has gone so so quickly and with so much laughter that in a lot of ways, this doesn't really even feel like a job!  It is such a pleasure to come to work everyday and hang out with you all, you have really made the whole experience wonderful!  Thank you.

Anywho, I hope this blog finds you well, smiling and still enjoying our little gem of a shop.  We love and appreciate you more than you know.  I'm not sure that anyone is even reading this at this point but hay, its nice to reflect, even if it is for my own writing pleasure.  Much love friends, have a rad week and catch ya next week!