7/8 - Morning friends!  I hope this finds you amazingly and refreshed after a ripper weekend!  Congrats to all those who took part in Cane 2 Coral and big thanks to everyone who dropped in afterward to say gday and hang out.  Top job peeps!

I think Ive made it pretty clear in blogs thus far that The Journey was always created to be bigger than just a cafe.  We have always had vision to make a difference in the community, help those we can and do our best to be a shining example in any way possible.

Over the last week, EXP Coffee Phil and I have been chatting about a mutual friend of ours, Steve Whitfield and the struggle their family is going through at the moment.  Their little daughter Skye, who is only two years old, is undergoing treatment for brain cancer...a terrible thing for any family to endure, let alone a little kid.  As a dad to two daughters, I couldn't imagine what they are going through.

So, The Journey family and Phil thought we would do our best to try and raise some funds to help the Whitfield family out.  Phil is donating 50c from every bottle of cold brew sold during the campaign to the family and this Sunday the 12th of August, we will be hosting a screening of the highly accredited documentary 'What the Health' at the shop.  We will be in from about 5:30pm selling the usual coffee, food etc and will be providing complimentary nibbles for y'all to enjoy.  There will be some other fundraising options on the night but please, if you can, drop into the shop this week, purchase one of the 30only tickets for $20 and come along for a fun, educational night to help out a family in need.  All ticket costs and donations will go directly to the family.

Much love friends, thanks for your support and hope to see you there!  Peace, Mat