Goodbye to an OG

21/5 - This week was a bit of a sad one.  We said goodbye to an original Journey gangster, Mel.  She has been with us since the beginning and due to some family issues and the recent passing of her good friend Gemma, she has decided it is best for her to pursue her new Journey in life, wherever that might take her.

Those of you who know Mel, know that she is a very caring, loving, loyal and hard working lady.  She has been a wonderful worker and friend since starting in the shop and I know built relationship with a lot of you.  She will be sorely missed along with her green thumb (she was responsible for a number of the greenery projects in and around the shop)!

Mel, whatever you chase next and wherever your van may lead you we hope it is in happiness and contentment.  It has been a privilege and an honour having you as an employee and friend over the last year and a half.  Much love friend, keep going after them dreams and living life to the full.