Good vibes

11/7 - Man, the last three weeks in the shop have been crazy town!  It began the week BEFORE school holidays for some reason and the momentum has just continued through the holidays.  We love it when it is busy, there are bodies in the shop and vibe and atmosphere is thick!  It creates such a cool environment that I think people love.  Thanks for being part of making that happen!

Something that has been so gratifying personally to see is people sitting around the communal table (or standing round for that matter) and talking to/meeting people they don't know.   If you haven't done this yet, please, next time your in, if your waiting for your coffee, have a chat to someone, get to know the Journey family, there are some amazing folk amongst you all trust me!  Part of the soul vision of the shop was to bring interesting people together and I feel like we are helping achieve that in some small way.  We have a beautiful community in Bargara with some really interesting residents, it has been a real pleasure and honour getting to know some of you over the last six months.  Everyone has a story and one that needs to be heard.  Thank you all.

We are not back in 'term' for school.  This should see the shop return to some normalcy (whatever that means!?).  We still have some really cool stuff coming up, one of which is going to be a screening of a doco recently released.  It is confronting, challenging and integral for our future here on earth so stand by for that!  It would be rad if you could make it!  Watch this space.

Other than that friends, all is well and cruising along nicely!  I hope and pray you are having an amazing day, thank you for being you and see you at The Journey soon!

PS - Dont forget to grab a Journey sticker for $5 and throw it on your car, re-useable waterbottle, laptop or wherever to share your allegiance to the family.  Gold.