Good one Mel!

18/1 - Anyone who know us and the ethos of The Journey, know that we are always trying to think of ways to build community, make a difference in the world and share love with those around us.  So far we have done some pretty cool things in the way of beach clean ups, surprise parties for friends, fixing up two gardens in the centre and generally trying to do our best for those around us in any way we can.

Our latest project is pretty darn sweet though.  A friend of ours, Tanya and Shane, made us a vertical pallet garden some time ago and we were using it at home but felt it could be put to better use at the shop.  It took some time but eventually, we got it there and dad fixed it to the back wall of the shop.  It sat for a little while, some thinking it was a magazine rack (LOL!), but this week, ACTION!  Mel worked her magic and turned it into a beautiful herb garden.  The idea being that customers (or whoever would appreciate it) can go to it, and take what herbs they would like and use them at home.  A small communal herb garden if you will.  Thank you Mel for doing an incredible job and yet again proving you are the magical plant lady!  Thanks to Dad too for helping out with handy stuff at the shop I can't do, or don't have the tools for!  Boss!

So, that has me a little excited this week!  This afternoon, we are up to some further antics at the shop so stay tuned for what that may pan out to be!  Exciting!  I hope this blog finds you all well and loving life.  Share a smile with a stranger and well see you soon.  Mat