Fun with friends

25/7 - Life is so blessed!  To be a part of this family and serve others is a life dream.  This past weekend, we got to meet some new friends who were in town for a conference at Dr Linc's new Restoring Excellence Dental Academy.  It was a pleasure to get to chat to these folk, hear their stories and welcome them to the area.  We also had the privilege of preparing them drinks Friday and Saturday and catering lunch for them on Saturday.  To have the opportunity to provide beautiful plant based food to a group of health professionals is an honour and one that we will never take for granted!  Thanks to Dr Linc and his team for including us and letting us be a part of this new venture.

As a side note, winter has finally arrived, at least a little and it can respectfully go away as far as I am concerned!  Bring back the warm weather, arvo's at the beach and fun in the sun!  It is nice to rug up for about two days but after that...over it!  Sorry to all those winter lovers but I can not wait for the heat to return!

Lastly, thanks to all the new subscribers to the blog.  Please refer us to your friends and other locals.  We hope to continue to grow this community and encourage all through health, adventure and compassion!  Much love friends.  Mat