Fix it Man!

24/5 - We have been waiting and it has finally happened!  Our gear is fixed!  I would have never thought that after only four and a bit months of trade that we would have mechanical problems, but hay, if there is one thing I have learnt is that you have to roll with the punches in business!  Hopefully from today (when our order arrives from Kai), y'all will be able to enjoy the sweet magic of a delicious single origin coffee again!

If your in the dark about all this, we had one of our grinders play up some time ago (some electrical issue in the board) and our machine was doing crazy things, not stopping shots when it was meant to.  This is due to the water quality (or lack there of) in Bargara and it causing scale in our brand new machine!  This is going be an on-going monitoring job but hopefully we have solved it with a super clean and a big ass filter.  Through this process, we have become friends with a couple blokes from Hervey Bay, one, Matt, a La Marzocco service man and the other, Harley, Matts offsider and the owner of Hervey Bay Roasters.  The upside of having to get our gear fixed is meeting these guys and hearing their passion for coffee.  We are planning some coffee appreciation type nights in the store with them going forward and I personally look forward to learning from their expertise on all things coffee.

Otherwise, things have been moving along nicely in the shop.  We are hoping to get some new juice samples this week and also some more Earth Bottle cups and water bottles since the first ones sold so quickly!  Gold!  It should be a ripper week ahead and we all look forward to some good laughs, chats and brews with y'all soon.  Much love.