First one, finally!

Greetings Journey Men and Women!

First of all, I am sorry it has taken so long for me to post my first blog!  As I am sure most of you can appreciate, the last four months since opening have been HECTIC!  Things are now starting to get in a groove however so I am aiming to weekly blog all things shop!  Cool stories, things happening and any other ramblings I might come up with!  Should be fun.

Secondly, THANK YOU!  Yes YOU!  Every single one of you who has visited the shop over the last few months and supported our precious venture.  You have all contributed to making it a very special, humbling and overwhelming experience thus far.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined things would have gone the way they have so THANK YOU!  Your amazing!

Lastly, there is so much cool stuff going on in the shop daily and weekly that I find it hard to keep up sometimes.  We have wonderful staff and customers and you are all treasured.  I hope and pray you will follow our journey (see what I did there!?), take part in the cool stuff we have planned for the future and grow together with us, The Journey Family.  We love and cherish each and every one of you so keep being amazing!

Thanks again, each and everyone of you.  Until next week, much love.  Mat