31/7 - Last week, I received a beautiful comment on the blog from one of our regular customers Nikki.  She commented about the positivity and joy she gets through reading my weekly entries.  Firstly, thank you Nikki for your lovely, kind words and secondly, thank you for making me ponder your comments.

I realise that I am not the most eloquent writer, but it is something I really enjoy doing.  I have for a long time.  I find it a cathartic experience and a way I can be myself and express my feelings and gratitude in a positive, constructive way.  Sometimes when I write, I wonder if anyone really reads my words (accept my mum, thanks mum!), so it is nice to know others are still tuned in.  In saying that though, I don't really mind if no one reads my ramblings as I really write for myself.  I find it honest, reflective and productive, all things I seek in my life on a day to day basis.  Some day I hope to write a book but heck, thats a whole separate story.

The Journey has been nice in giving me another platform and different audience to write to.  For anyone interested, I also have a basic personal website where I have been writing a blog for years about my running, racing, health, training and life in general.  I am hoping to upgrade the site soon but if any of you are keen to read any of my adventure/health stuff, head to www.thetattoorunner.com.  So, thank you, to all of you for helping me have another opportunity to clear my head, share some thoughts and hopefully, inspire some of you to a healthier, more grateful and fulfilled life.....something I am always working toward.  Much love friends, share the page, get ya mum, husband, friend and dog to subscribe and lets keep spreading the joy.  Peace and plants, Mat