14/8 - This week has been a little up and down as far as busyness goes in the shop but it has been a heck of a lot of fun thats for sure!  There have been many laughs, good times shared and delicious brews had.  Thanks for coming in, saying g'day and sharing your beautiful smiles.  We never take that for granted!

Last night at the shop we held a fundraiser for little Skye.  She is the daughter of a mutual friend of Phil (EXP brewing) and I (Sunny) who has a rare form of brain cancer.....she is one of only 17 people in the world with the condition.  She is a beautiful little girl, only two years old with some wonderful parents and an older brother to keep her company.  We wanted to try and help in whatever way we could so we put on some incredible snacks (thanks Mel and Di) and held a screening of the documentary What the Health.

The night was lovely!  We had a nice little turn out with a number of people still donating even though they were unable to attend.  We still don't have final figures of funds but I will let y'all know as soon as I know.  On initial thoughts though, I believe it will be in excess of $600.  Thank you everyone who donated, came along and offered messages of love and support to little Skye and her family.

Hearing Skyes story certainly puts things in perspective.  We are incredibly blessed and fortunate to have our health and be able to help out those in need.  Our hearts go out to Sunny and his family and pray you can all battle through this rough time and support little Skye in every way possible.  Much love and prayers guys.

Finally, as The Journey owner, it is a privilege to be able to use the shop for events like this.  It takes a little effort but the result and outcome is always wonderful.  Thank you again to everyone involved (the above mentioned people and also Luke at Open Cloud Broadband for the audio visual gear), without your help the night wouldn't have happened.  I hope everyone has a rad week, smile at a stranger and give someone a long hug, the world needs more of both those things!  Much love friends.  Mat