Black is back baby!

23/1 - As mentioned last week, there would be a little surprise arriving at The Journey this week gone.  Well, it came, and it wasn't so little!  Thursday afternoon, Michael, Pat, Ando and myself rolled into the shop and proceeded to paint the roof BLACK!  How did this happen?!  Well, Im glad you asked.....

A number of months ago, Ando suggested the idea.  At first I was like 'nah'.  But as he persisted and showed me some photos of cafes with black benches etc and black roofs, I was slowly turned.  Pat did a test run in the store room and that was the tipping point.  So, off to Bunnings I went, products were purchased and the date was set.  It was a heck of a lot of fun and I think we did a pretty stella job to be honest!  Lets just say cutting in black on white is NOT an easy task!

Tegs and I always thought the shop was missing a little something and just felt a little sterile.  Well, now this change has been made, the little something has arrived!  We absolutely love it and think it makes the shop feel cosier, more intimate and just a bit radder than before!  Thanks for the suggestion Ando and pushing me to get it done.

Lastly, but certainly not of least importance, this week we welcomed a new person into The Journey family.  Ana, who some of you might already know will be working with us on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  She has been at Sea Gypsy and then Gypsy and Folk when the owners moved.  Recently she has been at the Brewhouse and now with us!  She is married with a little guy named Kalani and in case you don't notice (HA), she is Brazillian.  Welcome Ana.  It has already been fun having you in the shop and we look forward to introducing you to all our beautiful customers!

Thats it crew!  Hope you all have a super week and well see you for a brew soon.  Much love.