7/12 - Gday friends!  How are you all!  So sorry it has been a minute since I have last blogged.  Hope and pray this finds you all well and lovin life!  Things in the shop have been fun, adventurous and we're all getting prepped for the Christmas holidays, fast approaching.  We have already noticed a steady flow of people wandering past the shop, having a look, saying gday and getting excited to take 'the journey'.

I for one, love the school holiday period.  The busyness in the shop, new people we meet and friends we make.  Its one of the best things about this job and lifestyle, getting to interact and connect with interesting, different and new people.  It truly is a blessing coming across the type of people who stumble into The Journey.

Something else that is super exciting coming up quickly (Boxing Day) is our one year anniversary.  I can not believe that it has almost been a year since we opened.  The time has gone so so fast with many ups and downs, which I will reflect upon in a later blog, but overall, what a trip!  I never thought we would be where we are right now and I feel truly blessed.  This is because of all of you!  You are all wonderful and I am so grateful to have met every single one of you!  Much love, hugs and well wishes for the future.

This Sunday, we are taking a well deserved break in Bali for a week.  We really need a rest and look forward to taking it easy , getting refreshed and coming back ready to smash through the Chrissy holidays.  The girls and Phil will be at the shop while we are away, ripping in, making delicious brews and having good times.  In the mean time, much love friends, and can't wait to see you soon.  Have a rad week!