17/4 - While training this morning, I got to doing some thinking. Funny that… endurance sport athlete having time to think whilst training all those hours!? Go figure! Anyway! What struck my mind today was a level of appreciation. Let me explain.

I think what made my mind go there is that I went past a road where I know a regular customer works. It is some distance from the shop, yet nearly daily, he comes down in his lunch break, says g’day, has a chat, grabs a brew, sometimes something to eat and goes on his way. Sounds simple but there is SO much more in this than ‘just another customer’.

We have customers/friends that regularly travel from Bundaberg and sometimes further, everyday, just to get a coffee. This actually blows my small little mind. The fact that you beautiful people would take the time and effort to travel from near or far just to visit our shop, get treated to some delicious caffeinated beverages and beautiful food is so heart warming. I sometimes have to pinch myself to check my life and what has been created at The Journey is real!

I just want you all to know, from the bottom of my heart that Tegan and I really and deeply appreciate you all. I know at times we get busy in the shop and we don’t get time to stop and talk like we would like to but just know that we all love you, think you are amazing and never want to take for granted the fact that you make an effort to come to The Journey to hang out with us. Massive love and forever thank yous! You are incredible!

Thank you all for a wonderful school holidays, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you again everyone for your support and kind words in the wash up of my run, it means so much. You are all amazing, have a ripper week and we’ll see you soon. Appreciate you!