6 months!

26/6 - Good morning friends and welcome to the start of another ripper week!  Today sees the six month anniversary of us opening the shop so thats a little bit special!  It has been a magic ride so far and I just pray it will keep on rolling!  The support of everyone has been incredible and Tegan and I are forever grateful!  Thank you everyone!!

The last week has been a really buzy one in the shop.  The much talked about new roundabout slowed business a little the week prior so it has been awesome being back to the hustle.  The beloved 'grey nomads' have also arrived in force and it has been lovely having a number of them frequent the shop.  We really do have a lovely mix of the young, families and older folk enjoy the shop which is fantastic.  Things should continue to grow this week and next too with the arrival of school holidays.  It is always a fun time of the year and we look forward to serving you and your family.

Thanks again to every single one of you for the last six months.  It has been a wild adventure and one that we aim to keep growing upon, making even better and even more memorable.  Please continue to be part of the fun!  Much love friends.  Mat